Department of Finance

Developing and implementing fiscal and administrative policy, and providing professional advice, fiscal analysis and recommendations to the BOR on matters related to sound financial planning.

FY financial statements are published by the finance departments every January and are available for download and review below.

Financial Statements

2023Community CollegeDownload (pdf)
2023State UniversitiesDownload (pdf)
2023Charter OakDownload (pdf)
2022Community CollegeDownload (pdf)
2022State UniversitiesDownload (pdf)
2022Charter OakDownload (pdf)
2021Community CollegeDownload (pdf)
2021State UniversitiesDownload (pdf)
2021Charter OakDownload (pdf)
2020Community CollegeDownload (pdf - 2.4MB)
2020State UniversitiesDownload (pdf - 1.4MB)
2020Charter OakDownload (pdf - 2.1MB)
2019Community CollegesDownload (pdf - 2MB)
2019State UniversitiesDownload (pdf - 1.1MB)
2019Charter OakDownload (pdf - 2.3MB)
2018Community CollegesDownload (pdf - 1.3MB)
2018State UniversitiesDownload (pdf - 1.1MB)
2018Charter OakDownload (pdf - 2.3MB)
2017Community CollegesDownload (pdf - 4MB)
2017State UniversitiesDownload (pdf - 4.4MB)
2017Charter OakDownload (pdf - 3.5MB)
2016Community CollegesDownload (pdf - 1MB)
2016State UniversitiesDownload (pdf - 1MB)
2016Charter OakDownload (pdf - 1MB)
2015Community CollegesDownload (pdf - 1MB)
2015State UniversitiesDownload (pdf - 1MB)
2015Charter OakDownload (pdf - 2MB)
2014Community CollegesDownload (pdf - 1MB)
2014State UniversitiesDownload (pdf)
2014Charter OakDownload (pdf - 13MB)

Budget & Actual Results

Additional Documents