Free Tuition at CT State Community College

Pledge to Advance CT (PACT) funding covers the gap between federal and state grants you receive, and community college tuition and mandatory fees. To receive PACT funding, apply, register for classes (6+ credits), and fill out the FAFSA. Entry into the program will be accepted on a first-come first-served basis.


  • CT High School Graduate
    Be a CT high school graduate (GED and home schooled students qualify)
  • Completed FAFSA
    Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which is used to package federal, state and often institutional aid and accept all awards
  • Part-Time or Full-Time
    Attend community college part- or full-time (6+ credits/semester)
  • Degree or Certificate Program
    Enroll in a degree or credit-bearing certificate program
  • Good Academic Standing
    Once enrolled, remain in good academic standing



Am I eligible for PACT if I took college courses in high school?

College credits completed prior to high school graduation will not preclude a student from participating in PACT.

Where do I go to fill out my FAFSA?

To complete your FAFSA, go to

Which programs at my community college are eligible?

Any degree or certificate program that can use Title IV funding at 72 credits over 48 months is eligible. For example, you can go into Nursing, Culinary Arts, etc.

If I'm already a student at a CT Community College, am I eligible?

No. PACT is only available for first-time, full- or part-time students (6+ credits) enrolling in an upcoming semester.

I have some learning challenges and/or health concerns that may make it difficult to take 6+ credits per semester. Am I eligible for PACT?

If you have a documented disability, we will work with you and your advisor to figure out the most credit hours that you'll be able to take for enrollment.

Do you have to accept the Stafford Loan as part of the FAFSA before PACT kicks in?

No. Applicants must accept all grants (Pell and Roberta Willis), not loans, before PACT funding becomes available.

I attended trade school, but did not finish. Am I eligible for PACT?

No. Trade school and postsecondary school counts as prior enrollment, but we still encourage students to apply for admission as many other financial aid packages are available.

I graduated from a CT high school a long time ago and would be a first-time college enrollee. May I take advantage of the program?

Under the law as is currently written, yes.

Are there any income requirements for PACT eligibility?

Under the law as is currently written, no.

I graduated with a GED. Can I take advantage of the program?

Yes, as long as you meet all other eligibility requirements.

Do you have Spanish-speaking admission representatives for students with Spanish-speaking parents or family members that want to enroll in PACT?

Yes, there are multilingual representatives at each college to assist students and their families.

Are there more details about the PACT program?

Yes, more specific details about the PACT program can be found on the CT State Free Tuition website.

PACT Appeal Form

Eligibility for the PACT program is determined based on the eligibility criteria determined under Connecticut Public Act 19-117 and expanded under Connecticut Public Act 22-118. Students who have lost the eligibility to participate have the right to an appeal. All appeals will be reviewed by a committee, and decisions will be made in writing to the student with a copy of the decision kept on file with the attending Financial Aid office.
PACT Appeal Form